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All of our releases will donate a portion of the profit.  Our initial profits for collections #1 and #2 will be donated right back into the community that has given so much to us. We’ve chosen these organizations based on our values and beliefs. Profits (100%) of collection #1 will be donated to Sacred Rok, founded by Ron Kauk.  Sacred Rok supports underprivileged and at-risk youth in nature, helping them to learn and respect the outdoor world and themselves. Profits from collection #2 will be donated to an environmental cause we see fitting.  And the future of LOV will incorporate a grant program to enable and support causes and stories that coincide with our ethos.  

With our first two collections we put an emphasis on a timeless feel and a goal of using film photography. Remember the days before social media, the constant stream of images and diluted art-forms? These two collections offer a moment to slow down; to look, feel and appreciate what we considered relevant.  These collections showcase images of people that changed our lives in one way or another.

Gimme A Reason—Collection #1

LOV kicks off in 2019 with t-shirts from a specifically-sourced, USA made, high-quality 6.5oz cotton.

Clean, straight-forward, and unlike any other t-shirt you’ve ever owned, these four garments are a statement, showcasing climbing images of unique people that have inspired Joe Kinder. These are the images that still drive him today as a climber, but also as a person playing along. These images are celebrating the characters and photographers that gave Joe confidence in his individuality and healthy life as a climber.

HERSTORY – Collection #2


To coincide with collection #1, our second collection, Herstory is a glimpse into a visual autobiography of Lindsey Tjian and her calling to climb.  Showcasing four of the most prominent and influential characters in which she derived inspiration from in the first years of climbing. Each one became a virtual mentor along the way, encouraging her to brake through the intimidating boundaries of climbing and gain perspective. 

“We all have heroes in life, many of which we may never meet or come into close contact with, but what is so cool about heroes in climbing is that no matter what your level or goals, we all congregate to the same places to push our limits, try hard, and have fun.”

Bringing more equal opportunity, and bridging the gap between a fan or a friend, Lindsey found these individuals made an impact on the evolution of her story into the world of climbing.

The Other Side—Collection #3

(~Feb 2020)

We've chosen a handful of photographers that if you’re a climber, you undoubtably know. They are world-class photographers and have created many iconic images and have built their careers around climbing photography. But, like most creatives, they have more than one side. This collection celebrates their “other side”, showcasing their artistic side, freed from the confines of expectations. The names you know—the sides you didn’t.

Blue Collar —Collection #4

(~April 2020)

The working climber does whatever they can to support the lifestyle. We’ve had a slew of odd jobs that has given us a work ethic and appreciation for the free time we have.  This collection utilizes hand-chosen vintage workwear that LOV reinterprets to create a one-of-a-kind, long-lasting garment.